Nature-Wellness-Rewilding Retreats

Human health and environmental health are interdependent. Studies have shown by regularly spending time outdoors, "rewilding", we enhance physical and mental wellness.

So come play, ponder or prance. 

Come taste food, let go and dance. 

Retreat. Breathe. Heal.

Re-Connection Retreat or Self-Retreat

At Peace of Eden Nature Lodge you can book onto a 3, 6 or 9-day Re-Connection Retreat or Self-Retreat package from the 7th until the 17th of every month.


Be it restorative alone time, a healthy detox, burn out, or the need for deeper trauma healing, they have a myriad of Releasing, Healing, Creative and Self-Empowering modalities that will help you to feel light and ‘enlightened’ with tools to keep you inspired and the magic alive.


Peace of Eden is surrounded by magical forests and wildlife close to Knysna in the heart of the Garden Route.


Your stay includes 3 vegan meals per day.


For more info please email me or have a look here.

Ladies Culinary Wellness Retreat (not available due to incessant load shedding)

This intervention at Old Joe’s Kaia is ideal for the curious and adventurous cook or chef. Becoming part of a working plant-based kitchen explores the many various avenues of creating delicious food that pleases the palette with a different cuisine. 


The relationship food has with our bodies and vice versa is a vitally important aspect in our overall wellness. Similarly how we grow our food, harvest it and prepare it can play an important role in our overall condition of mind. This in turn influences the way in which our bodies move, absorb nutrients, and cope with the pressures of our internal and external worlds. It becomes the essence of our overall health and our bodies therefore become the visual display of our state of being


Activities included in this intervention:
Grounding/Earthing, Guided Labyrinth walk, Sound Gong Bath, Conscious Dancing, Cooking Workshop, Yoga, Art Reflection, Fire Ceremony and Gift Exchange, many discussions about food – formal and informal.


The retreat’s duration is 3 nights, starting on Friday with Lunch at 13:00 pm. Closure on Monday morning with Brunch at 10:00 – 11:00.


They take a maximum of 10 participants. 


Not available at the moment due to incessant load shedding


For more info please email me or have a look here.

Burnout Recovery and Wellness Retreat

We are more stressed than ever before, which is why the demand for wellness retreats is on the rise. In fact, stress is so prevalent, the World Health Organisation (WHO) last year added burnout as an ‘occupational phenomenon’ to its list of International Disease Classifications. Stress can make the immune system less effective, increase the risk of coronary problems like high blood pressure, and has other physical side effects like headaches, nausea, insomnia and fatigue if left untreated — even things like back pain or anxiety and depression can be related to unmanaged stress. If you’re feeling at the end of your tether, a chance to do a deep emotional and mental reset might be just what you need.


The Burnout Recovery And Wellness Retreats at Vala House are designed to treat the physical, psychological and emotional impact brought about by stress.


This professional intervention is grounded in current research and based on an integrative biopsychosocial approach that attends to your unique well-being. You will leave the wellness retreat with skills that will help you manage your physiological and psychological stress response, a greater insight into your individual coping patterns, options for ongoing health management and a replenished sense of optimism.


They like leaving the burnout recovery and wellness retreat programmes open, because, after all, we don’t want to further add stress by creating a programme that you may find uncomfortable. Instead they offer a range of important services to choose from that significantly aid the recovery process. They also like to assess what services best suit your particular needs.


You can book anytime from mid-January to mid-November:

7 days (starts Mondays)

5 days (starts Wednesdays)

3 days (starts Fridays)


Prices include accommodation in single, private room, all yoga, workshops, materials, vegan meals, refreshments, and use of facilities.


They also offer various other retreats, such as yoga retreats and couples retreats.


For more info please email me or have a look here.

“...when we harm other animals we hurt ourselves, and when we protect and nurture other animals, we heal ourselves."

Marc Bekoff

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